Who are Maja Salvador Parents? Meet Ross Rival and Thelma Andres

So who are Maya Salvador’s parents? According to our research, Maya Salvador’s parents are Rose Rival and Thelma Andres. Maja Salvador, born October 5, 1988, is a Filipino actress.

real name Maya Rose Andres Salvador-Ortega
Nick name Maya Salvador
date of birth October 5, 1988
age 34 years old
high 162 cm, 5 ft 4 in
weight 50 kg (110 lbs)
place of birth Aparri, Philippines
gender female
Profession filipino actress
religion Christianity
Country of Citizenship Filipino
eye color light brown
hair color dark brown
zodiac signs Libra
sexual orientation straight

Ross Rival

Thelma Andres

Who is Maya Salvador?

Maja Salvador is a famous Filipino actress and a true gem of the Philippine entertainment industry. Born in Aparri, Philippines on October 5, 1988, he made a name for himself in the entertainment industry at a young age, capturing the hearts of the audience with his outstanding acting skills and charming charm.

As one delves deeper into Maja Salvador’s life, her journey to stardom unfolds into a story of perseverance and talent. Driven by her passion for acting, she began her acting career as a child actor, appearing in various television shows and movies. As she matured, her talent blossomed and she earned recognition for her stellar performances.

Over the years, Maya Salvador has solidified her status as one of the most versatile and popular actresses in the Philippines. Her ability to portray a variety of characters with authenticity and depth has earned her numerous honors and awards.

In addition to her acting career, Maya Salvador is also a talented dancer and singer, further demonstrating her artistic versatility. Her contributions to the Philippine entertainment industry have left an indelible mark on the industry and she remains a beloved figure among fans and peers alike.



Maya Salvador Biography

The biography of charming Filipino actress Maja Salvador inspires curiosity and admiration. Born on October 5, 1988, in the scenic town of Aparri, Philippines, her journey into showbiz has been nothing short of fascinating.

As Curiosity delved into the life of Maya Salvador, her passion for the performing arts was evident from an early age. She was born into a family of actors and entered the entertainment industry at a very young age. Her innate talent and passion for acting quickly caught the attention of industry insiders, and she made her television debut in the early 2000s.

Throughout her career, Maya Salvador has shown remarkable versatility, playing a variety of characters, from sweet and lovable to strong and fierce. Her ability to portray characters with depth and authenticity has earned her critical acclaim and numerous awards.

In addition to acting, Maya Salvador is an accomplished dancer and singer. Her love for dance has led her to master a variety of dance genres, making her a sought-after performer on television variety shows and live events.


Maya Salvador age

Maya Salvador is 34 years old. Born in Aparri, Philippines on October 5, 1988, she continues to shine in the Philippine entertainment industry with her undeniable talent and youthful charm. As she celebrates another birthday, Maya Salvador’s star continues to rise, and her journey in showbiz is far from over. With her impressive acting skills and ability to connect with her audience, she remains a popular actress in television and film.

Throughout her career, Maya Salvador has proven time and time again that age is just a number. Her dedication to her craft, passion for performing, and commitment to improving her skills have kept her at the forefront of the entertainment industry.


Maya Salvador height and weight

Maja Salvador is approximately 5 feet 4 inches (162 cm) tall and weighs approximately 50 kg (110 lbs). Standing 5 feet 4 inches tall, Maja Salvador brings an elegant and commanding presence to the screen, making her a versatile actress capable of portraying a variety of characters. With her beautiful figure and expressive acting skills, she easily captured the hearts of the audience.

Weighing approximately 50 kg, Maja Salvador maintains a healthy and toned physique, reflecting her commitment to overall health and maintaining agility as a performer. As a talented dancer and actress, her physical fitness is crucial to executing complex dance routines and demanding action scenes.


Maya Salvador Nationality

Maja Salvador’s nationality is Filipino. Born in Aparri, Philippines on October 5, 1988, she proudly represents the vibrant culture and rich heritage of the Philippines. As a Filipino actress, Maja Salvador has become a beloved figure in the local entertainment industry. Her performances in television shows, films, and stage plays have captured the hearts of audiences across the country, cementing her status as one of the nation’s most cherished talents.

Maja Salvador embraces her Filipino identity and her career and work celebrates the uniqueness and diversity of Filipino culture. Through her artistic talent, she became a source of inspiration and pride for Filipinos, and her contributions to the local entertainment scene left an indelible mark on the country’s cultural landscape.


Maya Salvador’s acting career

Maja Salvador has had a stellar career as a Filipino actress. Since her early days in showbiz, she has graced television and movies with her extraordinary talent and charisma. Maja Salvador began her acting career at a young age and quickly became a rising star in the industry. Her breakthrough role came in the TV series “It Could Be You,” where she showcased her acting chops and won rave reviews from audiences and critics alike.

As her career flourished, Maya Salvador’s acting repertoire continued to expand, encompassing a wide range of roles across a variety of genres. From light-hearted romantic comedies to intense dramas, she has demonstrated her versatility and ability to delve into complex characters.

Maya Salvador’s portrayal of strong, empowered women resonated with audiences and earned her a loyal fan base. She received numerous awards and honors for her performances, cementing her status as one of the most popular actresses in the Philippines.

In addition to acting, Maya Salvador is an accomplished dancer and her love of dance has led her to participate in various dance shows and stage productions. Her performances on stage, whether acting or dancing, have always garnered praise and admiration.

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