Who are Rick Harrison Parents? Meet Richard Benjamin Harrison and JoAnne Rhue Harrison

Who are Rick Harrison’s parents?

So who are Rick Harrison’s parents? According to our research, Rick Harrison’s parents are Richard Benjamin Harrison and Joanne Lou Harrison. Rick Harrison is an American businessman born on March 22, 1965.

real name

Richard Kevin Harrison

Nick name

Rick Harrison

date of birth

March 22, 1965


58 years old


5 feet 11 inches (182 cm)


105 kg (231 lbs)

place of birth

Lexington, North Carolina, USA




American businessman

Country of Citizenship


eye color



taft middle school

zodiac signs



Richard Benjamin Harrison and Joanne Lu Harrison

Child/Child Name

Corey Harrison, Jack Harrison, Adam Harrison

Who is Rick Harrison?

Rick Harrison, born March 22, 1965, is a famous American businessman, reality TV personality, and owner of a famous gold and silver pawn shop. His career spans decades and he became a household name for his role on the hit reality TV show Pawn Stars, which gave viewers a fun look into the world of buying, selling and appraising unique items. .

Harrison’s business career began at a young age when he began working in his father’s pawn shop. This experience allowed him to develop a keen eye for assessing the value of a variety of objects, from historical artifacts to pop culture memorabilia. In 1989, he opened his own pawn shop in Las Vegas, Nevada, which eventually grew into Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, a well-known business known for its extensive inventory and expert appraisals.

In 2009, Harrison’s fame skyrocketed when he became the centerpiece of the reality TV series “Pawn Stars.” Set in his pawn shop, the show follows the day-to-day operations of the pawn shop, showing the interactions between Harrison, his family, and the store’s employees as they negotiate with customers and evaluate various items. Rick’s forthright demeanor, coupled with his knowledge of history and collectibles, endeared him to audiences around the world.

In addition to his television career, Harrison was a savvy businessman with a passion for history and collectibles. His expertise extends beyond the value of objects; he often delves into the historical context behind them, sharing fascinating anecdotes and facts with clients and audiences. His combination of business acumen, affable personality and historical knowledge cemented his status as an influential figure in the pawnshop industry.

Rick Harrison’s life and career as an American businessman, reality TV personality and gold and silver pawn shop owner has had a lasting impact on the entertainment industry and the world of collectibles. His journey from young pawnshop worker to famous television star highlights his dedication to his craft and his ability to transform everyday transactions into engaging and educational experiences for a global audience.



Rick Harrison Biography

Enter the fascinating world of Richard Kevin Harrison, whose life was a fascinating blend of business acumen and television stardom. Harrison, born March 22, 1965, is an American entrepreneur who has left an indelible mark on both the pawnshop industry and reality television.

What sets Harrison apart is that he is the owner of the famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, a treasure trove located in Las Vegas, Nevada. This shop is no ordinary pawn shop; It’s a place where history, pop culture and quirky objects collide. But the story doesn’t start here. A journey began in 1989 when father and son duo Richard Kevin Harrison and Richard Benjamin Harrison opened the store. Together they explore the dynamic world of buying, selling and trading, creating a legacy that will captivate audiences for years to come.

The duo’s joint venture isn’t just about business; It became central to the reality TV phenomenon. The historical series Pawn Stars catapulted the Harrisons into the spotlight, turning their daily dealings into must-see television. Known to have a twinkle in his eye and a keen interest in history, Rick brings a unique talent to the screen that makes assessing art an adventure in itself.

The story took a grim turn in 2018 when Richard Benjamin Harrison passed away, leaving Rick to carry on the legacy they had built. Today, Rick Harrison remains a symbol of curiosity, entrepreneurial spirit, and the unexpected stories hidden in everyday objects. His journey from pawnshop owner to reality TV star proves the interesting paths life can take, where a simple transaction can be broken down into a captivating story.

Rick Harrison age

Embracing the energy of life, Rick Harrison continues to shine in 2023. Born in the charming town of Lexington, North Carolina, on March 22, 1965, he celebrated his 58th birthday with an infectious optimism that defined his journey. As the days passed, Harrison’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm, keen sense of value, and charisma grew stronger.

At 58 years old, Rick embodies the wisdom of experience and the curiosity of youth. His age is a testament to the remarkable journey he has been on, from co-founding Gold & Silver Pawn Shop to captivating audiences on the hit TV series Pawn Stars. As he embraces the different stories each item holds and shares his knowledge with the world, Rick Harrison’s age becomes a symbol of the richness of his life chapter and the exciting anticipation of what’s to come.


Rick Harrison height and weight

Rick Harrison’s physical attributes were as varied as the items in his famous gold and silver pawn shop. He is 5 feet 11 inches (182 centimeters) tall and has a build that exudes presence and authority. This height corresponds to approximately 1.82 meters, making him easily above average, allowing him to attract attention and interact with confidence.

Combined with his height, Rick’s weight adds another layer to his unique personality. Weighing in at 105 kilograms (231 pounds), his physique resonated with the determination that drove his business acumen and television success.

This weight reflects his journey and experiences, anchoring him in a world where history, commerce and entertainment intersect. Through his appearance on Pawn Stars, his physical prowess was a testament to his dynamic presence and the significant impact he left on the pawn shop and reality TV world.

Rick Harrison’s nationality

Rick Harrison is a proud holder of the citizenship of the United States of America. As an American citizen, he exemplifies the diversity of individuals who contribute to the nation’s vibrant culture and economy. His nationality highlights the rich opportunities the United States offers for individuals to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams and leave their mark in a variety of industries.

Born in Lexington, North Carolina, Rick’s American roots played a key role in shaping his journey as a businessman and reality television personality. From co-owning Gold and Silver Pawn Shop to becoming a featured star on the reality television show “Pawn Stars,” his efforts embody the innovative and enterprising spirit of the American dream.

Rick Harrison’s acting career

Rick Harrison’s career is a fascinating story of turning everyday transactions into extraordinary stories. His journey began as a young apprentice in his father’s pawnshop, where he honed his skills in appraising objects and identifying their value. In 1989, he co-founded Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, Nevada, with his father, Richard Benjamin Harrison. This venture marked the beginning of a business empire that would make him famous.

However, it was through the lens of reality television that Rick’s career really took off. His appearance on the hit show Pawn Stars showcased his expertise, intelligence and negotiation skills. The show provides a unique window into the world of pawn shops, engaging viewers through the stories behind each item on the counter. Rick’s interactions with customers, employees, and his own family added depth and authenticity to the program.

Beyond the glitz of television, Rick’s career is a testament to his passion for history and collectibles. He transformed the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop into a haven for enthusiasts looking to buy, sell and discover precious treasures. His dedication to authenticity and education has solidified his reputation as a trusted expert in the industry. With his entrepreneurial spirit and captivating screen presence, Rick Harrison’s career continues to shine as an example of how passion can evolve into a legacy.


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