Who Was Surinder Shinda? Check His Wife, Age, Bio and more

Who is Surinder Shindar?

Surinder Shinda, whose real name is Surinder Pal Dhammi, is a famous Indian Punjabi music singer. Born on May 20, 1959, he earned the title of “Father of MOC” and is regarded as a “legendary” figure in the Punjabi music industry. Throughout his career, he has given many hit songs including “Jatt Jeona Morh”, “Putt Jattan De”, “Truck Billiya”, “Balbiro Bhabhi” and “Kaher Singh Di Mout”.

Surinder Shinda is not only known for her extraordinary singing talent but has also acted in Punjabi films like “Putt Jattan De” and “Ucha Dar Babe Nanak Da”. His contribution to Punjabi music and cinema has left a lasting impact, making him a respected and famous figure in the industry.

On July 26, 2023, the music world mourned the death of the iconic singer at the age of 64. His death marks the end of an era and his legacy continues to inspire and influence generations of artistes in the Punjabi music industry. Surinder Shinda’s rich musical legacy and timeless melodies will forever be cherished by music lovers and fans across the world.

birth name

Surinder Pal Dhami


May 20, 1959

place of birth

Choti Eyali Village, District. Ludhiana, Punjab.

real name

Surinder Pal Dhami

Wife’s name

Joginder Kaur

Mother’s name


Father’s name

Ustad Mistari Bachan Ram


July 26, 2023


DMC Hospital, Ludhiana, India


Who is Surinder Shindar’s wife?

Surinder Shinda married the cousin of Dev Tharikwala’s wife. Dev Tharikwala, whose real name is Devinder Singh, is a famous lyricist in the Punjabi music industry. He is recognized for his lyrics by numerous Punjabi singers including Surinder Shinda and Kuldeep Manak.

The name of Dev Tharikwala’s wife is not mentioned in the available information but she is related by marriage to Surinder Shinda. This family relationship may have fostered a close bond between the two artists, leading to their collaboration in their music careers.

Surinder Shinda and Kuldeep Manak are both legendary figures in the Punjabi music industry and their contributions played a major role in shaping the industry. Dev Tharikwala’s skillful lyrics paired with their powerful vocals created many memorable songs that continue to be loved by Punjabi music lovers.

The collaboration between Surinder Shinda, Kuldeep Manak and Dev Tharikwala’s wife’s cousin has undoubtedly enriched the Punjabi musical landscape and left an indelible mark on the hearts of the listeners. Their talent and passion for music together cemented their legacy and made them revered icons in the Punjabi music industry.


When was Surinder Shinda born?

Surinder Shinda, whose real name is Surinder Pal Dhammi, was born on May 20, 1959 in Choti Eyali Village, Ludhiana District, Punjab, India. He is a well-known Indian singer in the Punjabi music industry and is often called the “grandfather of moc”. This title demonstrates his great influence and contribution to Punjabi music.

During his illustrious career, Surinder Shindar earned the reputation of a legend in the Punjabi music industry. He is known for his powerful and soulful vocals that have captivated audiences for decades. Shinoda’s unique singing style and versatility have made him an iconic artist in the industry.

His musical journey began in the early 1970s when he ventured into the world of Punjabi folk music. With exceptional talent and dedication, Surinder Shinda quickly gained recognition and popularity, cementing his place as a prominent vocalist on the regional music scene.

Over the years, he released many hit songs that became classics of Punjabi music, including “Jatt Jeona Morh”, “Putt Jattan De”, “Truck Billiya”, “Balbiro Bhabhi” and “Kaher Singh Di Mout”. These songs showcase his ability to connect with audiences through powerful storytelling and emotional performances.

Apart from his success as a singer, Surinder Shinda also starred in Punjabi films like “Putt Jattan De” and “Ucha Dar Babe Nanak Da”, further expanding his influence in the entertainment industry.

Surinderhinda Wiki

As a veteran artiste, Surinder Shinda’s impact on Punjabi music is immeasurable. He inspired generations of musicians and continues to be a source of inspiration for aspiring artists. His dedication to preserving and promoting Punjabi culture and music has earned him immense respect and admiration from his fans and peers.

Throughout his career, Surinder Shinda has received numerous accolades and awards for his outstanding contributions to the music industry. His passion for music and dedication to his craft are key factors in his enduring success and respected position in the Punjabi music industry.

According to the information provided, Surinder Shinda’s journey in the world of music is a remarkable story of talent, hard work and perseverance. His birth on May 20, 1959, marked the beginning of a musical legacy that continues to resonate with audiences around the world.

Surinder Shindar Era

Legendary Punjabi singer Surinder Shinda sadly passed away on July 26, 2023 at the age of 64. He was admitted to DMC Hospital in Ludhiana due to undisclosed health reasons. Before his death, his son Maninder Shinda clarified that he was not on a ventilator and was recovering.

The news of his death has left the music fraternity and his countless fans in mourning as they remember his immense contribution to Punjabi music and his iconic status as a legendary artist. Surinder Shinda’s musical journey of more than four decades has left a lasting impact on the world of Punjabi music and his soulful and powerful singing will be remembered for captivating audiences for generations.

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