Why is Fallout 76 Not Launching? How to Fix Fallout 76 Not Launching?

“Fallout 76” does not start

Fallout 76 not launching is a common problem faced by PC gamers after an update or during initial installation. This issue can occur for a variety of reasons, including outdated game versions or compatibility issues. Players experiencing this issue may see the game fail to launch or load, resulting in frustration and difficulty entering the game world.

To resolve the issue, players can try some simple solutions before seeking help from Bethesda’s customer support or reinstalling the game entirely. Updating your game to the latest version and ensuring your PC meets the minimum system requirements can help resolve compatibility issues. Clearing the game cache or verifying the game files through the game launcher can also fix potentially corrupted files that are preventing the game from launching.

Although Fallout 76 has faced technical issues and criticism, the game has received continued support from its developers through updates and improvements. Players experiencing issues with the game not launching should check out the gaming community or the Bethesda support team for potential solutions to enjoy a smoother gaming experience in the post-apocalyptic world of Appalachia.

Why hasn’t Fallout 76 been released yet?

Fallout 76 can fail to launch for a variety of reasons, ranging from technical issues to system configuration. Some common reasons why Fallout 76 won’t launch include:

  • Outdated or corrupted game files: If your game files are out of date or corrupted, it may prevent the game from launching properly.
  • Graphics driver issues: Outdated or incompatible graphics drivers may cause problems launching the game.
  • Background Processes: Certain background processes running on your system may interfere with the launch of the game.
  • Steam Overlay and Steam Input: The Steam Overlay and Steam Input functionality may conflict with the game, causing the game to fail to launch.
  • DirectX settings: Incorrect or incompatible DirectX settings may prevent the game from launching.
  • Rendering device settings: Wrong rendering device settings in the game may cause startup failure.
  • Multi-threaded rendering: Enabling multi-threaded rendering may cause instability during startup.
  • Antivirus software: Excessive antivirus protection can sometimes prevent games from launching.
  • Administrative permissions: Running the game without administrative permissions may cause startup issues.
  • Game Updates: Not installing the latest game updates may cause problems when the game starts.

To resolve these issues, players can try various troubleshooting steps such as running the game launcher as administrator, updating graphics drivers, ending background processes, disabling Steam overlay and Steam input, running the game in windowed mode, disabling DirectX 12 , set up the correct rendering device, disable multi-threaded rendering, turn off anti-virus protection, repair game files and make sure the game is updated to the latest version.


How to fix the problem that “Fallout 76” cannot start?

Let’s take a deeper look at each fix to fix Fallout 76 not launching issue:

Repair game files to repair any corrupted data

Over time, game files can become corrupted or misplaced, causing startup issues. Most game launchers, including Fallout 76’s launcher, have a “Repair” or “Verify” option that scans game files for errors and automatically repairs or replaces any corrupted files. Running this repair process usually fixes startup-related issues.

Disabling Fallout 76’s Steam Overlay

Steam provides an in-game overlay that provides features such as chat, web browsing, and access to the Steam community while playing games. However, the Steam overlay can sometimes conflict with the game’s own internal overlay, causing launch issues. Disabling Fallout 76’s Steam overlay will help eliminate these conflicts and improve the game’s chances of a successful launch.

Make sure your graphics driver is up to date

Graphics drivers are crucial to ensuring that your game can interact effectively with your computer’s GPU (graphics processing unit). Outdated or corrupt graphics drivers can cause compatibility issues, graphics glitches, or even prevent games from launching. By regularly updating your GPU drivers to the latest version from the manufacturer (NVIDIA or AMD), you can ensure that your game can take advantage of the latest optimizations and features, thereby reducing the likelihood of launch issues.

Try running the game in windowed mode

Running the game in windowed mode instead of full-screen mode can be an effective troubleshooting step. Some graphics-related issues, such as resolution conflicts or refresh rate issues, can be avoided by running the game in windowed mode. This allows the game to bypass certain graphics settings and focus on launching correctly.

Turn off DirectX 12 and use DirectX 11 if needed

Fallout 76 supports DirectX 12, a modern rendering technology that delivers improved graphics and performance. However, some systems may experience DirectX 12 compatibility issues. You can resolve any DirectX-related startup issues by disabling DirectX 12 in the game settings and using DirectX 11 instead.

Temporarily disable antivirus protection for troubleshooting

Overactive antivirus software sometimes flags legitimate game files as false positives, mistakenly believing that they are malicious. This may prevent the game from launching. Temporarily disabling antivirus protection (after ensuring you download from a reputable source) can help determine whether antivirus interference is causing the problem.

Verify and select the correct rendering device in game settings

In some cases, Fallout 76 may not automatically detect the correct rendering device (GPU) for your system, causing launch issues. You must ensure that your game settings select the correct GPU to avoid conflicts and ensure that your game is rendering with the appropriate hardware.

Disable multi-threaded rendering to resolve unstable startup issues

Multi-threaded rendering is a feature that allows games to utilize multiple CPU threads to render graphics. While beneficial for many systems, some configurations may experience instability due to multithreading. Disabling this option in the game settings can help resolve issues related to multithreading, potentially making the game launch smoother.

Close unnecessary background processes running on your system

During gaming, your system runs various background processes and applications, some of which may consume significant amounts of system resources. These resource-hogging processes may interfere with game launch or cause the game to crash. In order to free up resources and ensure the game launches more smoothly, it is recommended to close unnecessary background processes before launching Fallout 76.

Stay updated with Fallout 76 with the latest patches and updates

Game developers frequently release updates and patches to resolve known issues, improve performance, and enhance gameplay. Making sure you have the latest version of Fallout 76 installed can help resolve startup issues that may have been fixed in recent updates.

Launch the game launcher with administrative rights

Running the game launcher as administrator gives it elevated permissions, allowing it to access system resources that may be restricted. Sometimes launching a game without administrative rights can cause permissions-related errors that prevent the game from launching. You can give the launcher the permissions it needs to launch your game smoothly by right-clicking on the game launcher executable and selecting “Run as administrator.”

Disable Steam input to resolve controller related issues

Steam Input is a feature that allows users to customize game controller input. While it’s useful for most games, it can sometimes cause conflicts with specific games like Fallout 76. Disabling Steam input for this specific game may help resolve any controller-related startup issues and ensure a smooth gaming experience.

By methodically trying each fix, you can determine the specific cause of the problem and resolve it accordingly. Remember to check official patches and updates from the game developer’s website or platform (in this case, Epic Games) to find out about the latest solutions.

Tips to avoid Fallout 76 not launching issues

To avoid Fallout 76 not launching issues, follow these tips:

  • Keep your game updated: Make sure to regularly update Fallout 76 to the latest version. Developers frequently release patches and updates to fix bugs and improve performance.
  • Keep graphics drivers updated: Make sure your graphics drivers are up to date. Outdated drivers can cause compatibility issues and prevent games from launching.
  • Disable unnecessary background processes: Close all unnecessary background processes and applications before launching the game. This frees up system resources and prevents conflicts.
  • Disable Steam Overlay and Steam Input: If you play via Steam, consider disabling the Steam overlay and Steam Input functionality. These can sometimes interfere with the game launching.
  • Check DirectX settings: Make sure your DirectX settings are compatible with your game. If necessary, update DirectX or adjust settings in the game launcher.
  • Verify game files: Verify the integrity of game files using a game launcher or platform such as Steam. This identifies and repairs any corrupted files.
  • Run the game as administrator: Launch the game with administrative rights to avoid permission-related issues.
  • Temporarily disable antivirus software: Overzealous antivirus software may block game files and prevent the game from launching. Temporarily disable your antivirus software while playing games, but remember to enable it later.
  • Check system requirements: Make sure your computer meets the minimum system requirements to run Fallout 76. Insufficient hardware may cause startup issues.
  • Optimize graphics settings: If your system has difficulty handling the game, lower the graphics settings. Lower settings can take stress off your hardware and improve startup performance.

By following these tips, you can increase your chances of Fallout 76 launching smoothly and avoid common issues that can prevent the game from launching.

Fallout 76 Wiki

Fallout 76 takes players on a journey to the year 2102, where they take control of the residents of Vault 76 and are tasked with exploring the post-apocalyptic open world known as Appalachia. The main goal is to recolonize the area while uncovering the secrets behind a deadly plague that wiped out the local population. The action role-playing video game is developed by Bethesda Game Studios and marks the studio’s first foray into multiplayer gaming. The game’s world is four times larger than its predecessor, Fallout 4, thanks to a modified version of the Creation engine.

Upon its release in 2018, Fallout 76 received mixed reviews from critics. The game was criticized for technical issues, design choices, lack of gameplay depth, and lack of human non-playable characters at launch. The quality of physical content has also sparked controversy. Despite initial criticism, the game managed to sell 1.4 million copies by the end of 2018. Bethesda has responded to feedback with continued support, rolling out seasonal updates, in-game events, and releasing cosmetic content through the “Atomic Store.” In October 2019, a premium subscription service called Fallout 1st was added to the game. A major update called Wastelanders was released in April 2020, reintroducing non-playable characters, a dialogue system, and a new main story questline to address some early criticisms and improve the player experience.

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