Good Bad Mother Ending Explained, Cast, Plot, and Where to Watch?

Good and Bad Mom ending explained

The Good, Bad Moms is a compelling drama that, despite some problematic tropes, deftly combines elements to create a compelling narrative. The play tells the story of a son seeking revenge for his father’s murder, while also exploring the complex relationship between mother and son after a tragic accident. The show blends courtroom drama, intense action scenes, melodrama and moments of absurdist humor, all leading to a powerful and hopeful ending.

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In the final episode, protagonist Kang-ho gives Tae-soo an ultimatum, asking Tae-soo to testify against the mastermind of his father’s death. Meanwhile, Kang-ho gathers evidence against his former employer Woo-bi, who is eventually arrested. The trial unfolds with testimony and revelations of corruption and cover-ups.

However, as Kang-ho’s mother Young-soon battles cancer, the focus shifts to the core relationship. On her birthday, the village held a special party for her. After the celebration, Yingshun died peacefully in his sleep. Kang-ho sings her a lullaby, repeating his father’s words and finding comfort in their memories.

At the funeral, Kang-ho paid tribute to his mother, and her favorite song became a celebration of her life. A glimpse into the future reveals surprising developments for other characters. Kang Hao and his partner Mei Zhu take over Happy Farm and discuss marriage. Kang-ho discovers a hidden letter from his mother in which he apologizes for his shortcomings as a parent and expresses her love.

When Kang-ho proposed to Mi-joo, he embraced the show’s playful and cute spirit, even including a pig in the proposal, mimicking his father’s past gestures. While it feels fitting to say goodbye to characters, the show is known for surprising people, opening up the possibility of extending the story beyond a powerful finale.

The Good, Bad Moms Episode 14 Release Date

“Good, Bad Moms” will air on JTBC channel at 9:30 pm (Korean time). In some regions, it will also be available on Korean platform TVING. International fans can watch the series on Netflix. The release date for episode 14 of Bad Moms is Thursday, June 8.

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Release is expected around 3pm GMT/8:30am ET. Netflix is ​​known to make English subtitles available immediately. Episode 14 is expected to be approximately one hour long, in line with the typical time frame for a JTBC drama.

Good and Bad Moms Episode 14 Review

Yingshun’s life is full of joy and happiness. She enjoys a happy marriage and eagerly looks forward to the arrival of her son Kanghao. However, as a series of misfortunes befall the family, their lives take a tragic turn. Yingshun and her husband worked tirelessly on the farm and in the pig pen, trying to make ends meet. Tragically, their hopes were dashed when their farm was engulfed in fire and their hard work was reduced to ashes. To make matters worse, Yingshun’s husband was brutally murdered, leaving her heartbroken and alone.

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“The Good, Bad Mom” ​​tells the compelling story of Choi Kang-ho, a young man who never had the chance to meet his father. Driven by a strong desire for revenge, Kang Hao began a relentless exploration to uncover the truth behind his father’s untimely death. Under the strict education of his mother Yingshun, Kang Hao’s life is full of discipline and rigidity. However, these circumstances eventually caused a rift between him and his mother, causing him to become estranged from her over the next few years.

Driven by a burning desire for revenge, Kang-ho makes the difficult decision to sacrifice his love for Mi-joo and sever ties with her and his mother to protect them from the danger posed by their enemies. Little do they know that this apparent alienation is only superficial. Determined to achieve his goals, Kang-ho succumbs to the temptation of corruption and becomes a deceptive prosecutor. He hatches a plan, adopted by a corrupt businessman, to assume this false identity as a means of his long-awaited revenge.

Fully aware of the risks he faces, Kang-ho finds himself the target of his sworn enemy Tae-soo, who attempts to take his life. Kang Ho miraculously survived this traumatic encounter, but he paid a heavy price as he lost his memory. Faced with this setback, Yingshun had no choice but to take care of Kang Hao again, this time like a child. She was very careful to make sure he never returned to his life as a prosecutor.

However, fate had other plans for Kang Hao. His memories emerge, forcing him to confront Tae-soo and Chairman Song to prevent further harm to his beloved family. Determined to protect them from harm, Kang Hao embarks on a dangerous journey to end their evil intentions.

In the face of overwhelming adversity, Yingshun and Jiang Hao united, and their unwavering love and determination became their guiding light. Together they forge ahead, preparing to confront the dark forces that threaten to tear their family apart once again.

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The Bad Mom: Where can I watch it?

The Good, Bad Moms (2023) is available to watch on Netflix in India. The show tells the story of an ambitious prosecutor who experiences a tragic accident that leaves him with the mind of a child. In an effort to repair their relationship, he and his mother embarked on a transformative journey of healing. You can watch all 14 episodes of Season 1 on Netflix in high definition (HD), with the option to stream in SD and 4K.

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Whether you prefer to watch the show in standard definition (SD), high definition (HD), or 4K, Netflix gives viewers a variety of options to enjoy this engaging series. All 14 episodes of the first season are available to stream online, allowing viewers to easily immerse themselves in the compelling story and watch the characters grow and evolve, creating lasting memories and forging new relationships along the way.

Good or Bad Mom Drama

After securing Ha Young, Kang Ho goes to meet Tae Soo at the campaign event. Tae-soo immediately suspects Kang-ho plans to expose him and sabotage his candidacy. However, Kang Ho clarifies that his main target is Chairman Song, the man responsible for his father’s death.

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He confronts Tae-soo, warning him that unless he wants to be implicated along with Song, he’ll have to testify against him in court. Driven by his ambition to become president, Tae-soo reluctantly agrees, fully aware of the consequences of losing this opportunity. He warns Kang-ho that it won’t be easy to obtain an arrest warrant for Song due to Song’s extensive connections, but Kang-ho reveals that he has a plan in place.

Chairman Song was preparing to go abroad on a business trip, and Kang Hao seized the opportunity. Just hours before Song was due to take off, he was visited by his secretary, So Ji Seok. Song sent people to eliminate Zhixi, but he survived. Ji-suk becomes emotional and breaks down in front of Song, asking why Song tried to kill him after he showed his loyalty.

Song suggests that Ji-seok should flee the country once he survives, which means his life will be in danger as long as he stays in Korea. As Song prepares to leave, Ji-seok reveals that he secretly recorded their conversation and threatens to send it to his partner.

This revelation angers Song, causing him to attack Ji-seok in a desperate attempt to retrieve incriminating evidence. Just then, Kang Hao arrived and caught President Song on the spot.

Kang Ho arrests Chairman Song for the attempted murder of Ji Seok, which is just the beginning of his plan. His main goal is to ensure that Song receives justice for all his crimes. The news spreads in the village and everyone is surprised to see Kang Hao on TV and relieved to see him back to normal. Young-soon suggests that everyone go to Seoul to attend Chairman Song’s trial, and they immediately prepare for the journey.

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During the court proceedings, Chairman Song’s secretary Ji Seok testified that Song had tried to kill him, just as he had done to previous secretaries. To corroborate Ji-seok’s claim, Kang-ho provides records of Song’s previous secretaries who either suffered fatal accidents or committed suicide.

One of the most controversial cases was that of Wong Soo-hyun who was found dead at sea. Kang Ho brought up Soo Hyun’s case not only to defend himself, but also to implicate Tae Soo. With Ji-seok’s assistance, Kang-ho uncovers further evidence against Song and reveals that Song had ordered him to eliminate those who posed obstacles to his career. However, Ji Seok did not carry out these orders due to his imprisonment.

Jiang Hao is determined to use the evidence he has to ensure that Chairman Song is fully punished by the law. His relentless pursuit of justice will expose not only Song’s crimes, but also the corruption of those in power.

Good or Bad Mom Cast List

Here’s the cast of “The Good, Bad Moms.”



Luo Meilan

Kim Young-soon

Lee Do Hyun

Cui Kanghao

Li Jingxun

Child Choi Kang Ho

Bae Jae Hyun

Young Choi Kang Ho

Ahn Eun-jin

Li Meizhu

Yoo In-soo

Fang Sanzhi

Cui Wucheng

Song Youbi

Zheng Xiongren

Oh Tae Soo

Hong Bila

Wu Heying

Choi Soonjin

Manager Su Zhixi

Pu Qian

Check Assistant Manager


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