Persona 3 Reload Does the New Zealand Trick Work? Persona 3 Reload Gameplay

Persona 3 Reloaded

Persona 3 Reload is an upcoming video game developed and published by Atlus and will be released on February 2, 2024 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/ S. It is a remake of Persona 3 (2006), the fourth main entry in the Persona series and part of the Megami Tensei series.

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The game tells the story of a high school student who returns to his hometown after his parents are tragically killed in a car accident and gains the ability to summon a Persona – a physical manifestation of his inner spirit. They join the Professional Extracurricular Execution Squad (SEES), a team of Persona users, and confront the Shadows in a mysterious dark hour, uncovering a gripping story.

Persona 3 Reload began development in 2019 following fan demand and faithfully recreates the original story with updated graphics and features. Shigenori Soejima oversaw Azusa Shimada’s new character design, and Atsushi Kitajoh composed new music, sung by Azumi Takahashi and Lotus Juice.

Persona 3: Reloaded was well received by critics upon its release.

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Does Persona 3 Remastered’s New Zealand trick work?

Yes, the New Zealand trick works in Persona 3 Reloaded. Players can get early access by switching the platform region to New Zealand, taking advantage of the game’s local midnight release time in that region (which is earlier than in other countries).

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This allows players to play Persona 3: Reloaded approximately 13 hours earlier than in the UK and 18 hours earlier than in the United States. Note that Xbox users can easily switch regions in settings, while PlayStation users may need to purchase using a New Zealand PlayStation voucher. Keep in mind that the official release date for Atlus has yet to be announced.

“Persona 3 Reloaded” Gameplay

Persona 3 Reload is an updated version of the original game, blending traditional role-playing and social simulation gameplay. It brings aesthetic, graphical, and mechanical improvements inspired by later entries in the Persona series, particularly Persona 5. The game retains the core story of the protagonist summoning Persona to fight the Shadows in a mysterious dark hour.

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GUI enhancements include objective descriptions of story missions and improved maps, similar to features in Persona 5. New gameplay includes expanded activities in Iwatodai Dormitory, allowing for interaction with dorm residents, cooking, gardening, watching movies, and reading books to enhance social stats. The protagonist can also participate in these activities with teammates to provide buffs for the battle.

Gekkoukan High School and the quest for Tartarus have been modified. In-class questions are new, and exploration now takes place in a third-person perspective with free camera control. The world map is fully rendered in 3D, and fast travel options have been expanded.

Persona 3: Reloaded introduces new social elements independent of social links, featuring side stories to support the characters. Tartarus retains its structure but offers more environmental variety and visual effects. The fatigue mechanic has been removed, allowing for uninterrupted exploration.

During combat, players can directly control party members or let the CPU determine their actions. The user interface is inspired by Persona 5, with commands such as Persona, Item, Guard, and Attack. New commands such as “Investigate” and “Assist” have been introduced. The “Shift” ability allows party members to take turns among themselves. The “Baton Pass” skill in Persona 5 has been adapted into “Shift”, which can strategically knock down enemies.

Shuffle Time is a post-war mini-game that allows players to manually select a card for additional roles and effects. Overall, Persona 3: Reloaded combines familiar elements with improvements to enhance the gameplay experience.

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Persona 3 Reloaded plot

The protagonist moves to Gekkoukan High School and experiences a mysterious moment known as the “Dark Hour.” Attacked by the Shadows, he gained the powers of Persona and joined SEES, a group fighting the Shadows in Tartarus. They discover the origins of Tartarus and the impending danger of Nyx, a force that could end the world. A deceptive plan is revealed, leading to a critical decision – sacrifice one man to blissful ignorance, or face the challenge of saving humanity. If you survive, SEES will confront Nyx, and the protagonist will use the power of the “universe” to seal Nyx.

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After the death of its protagonist, SEES finds itself in dire straits, and it’s happening again on March 31st. They discover the time abyss that caused the time jump. Aigis gains wild card powers and SEES fight to end the time jump. Once you get the key, you have a choice: open the door or go back in time. Internal strife breaks out and a new door reveals its true purpose – to prevent Erebus from summoning Nyx. SEES defeated Erebus, realized the cyclical nature of despair, and decided to embrace life and commemorate the protagonist’s sacrifice.

“Persona 3: Reloaded” trailer

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Overview of Persona 3 Reloaded


Persona 3 Reloaded


Studio P


Sega (Japan: Atlus)


Takuya Yamaguchi


Kazuhisa Wada, Ryota Shinzuma


Azusa Shimada, Tomohiro Kumagai, Shigenori Soejima


Beicheng Atsu




Unreal Engine 4


PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

release date

February 2, 2024


role play, social simulation


single player


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