How to get Rainbow Crystals in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth?

Rainbow Crystal from “Yakuza Treasure”

The Rainbow Crystal in Yakuza: Infinite Fortune is a rare and precious material that can be obtained in a variety of ways. One method is to fight enemies, with a small chance of earning one or two Rainbow Crystals through continued grinding levels or cash. However, the uncertainty around drop rates may make this approach less attractive to players.

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A more reliable option is to visit RoboMichio’s store. Here, players can purchase Rainbow Crystals at a fixed rate of 250 Robo Disc per crystal. This method ensures that Rainbow Crystals are obtained in a predictable manner without the unpredictability of enemy drops. The exchange rate is considered reasonable, providing players with a convenient alternative to the potentially time-consuming process of collecting large amounts of Rainbow Crystals through dungeon battles.

Whether obtained through combat or RoboMichio, Rainbow Crystals play a vital role in the game’s crafting or upgrade mechanics, providing players with a valuable resource that enhances their gaming experience.

How to get the Rainbow Crystal in Shenlong Treasure?

Join the fight:

  • When encountering enemies in Yakuza: Infinite Fortune, Rainbow Crystals, like many rare materials, have a small chance of being dropped during combat.

Grind into drops:

  • Spend time grinding in combat to increase the chance of enemies dropping Rainbow Crystals. However, this approach can be time-consuming and uncertain.

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Visit RoboMichio:

  • Go to RoboMichio’s location in the game.
  • Enter RoboMichio’s store: Enter RoboMichio’s store interface and browse the products he selected.

Swap Robo discs:

  • Choose a more reliable method and use Robo Discs to get Rainbow Crystals. RoboMichio offers them at an exchange rate of 250 Robo Disc per Rainbow Crystal.

Evaluate the exchange rate:

  • Consider the efficiency of this exchange rate, especially compared to the time-consuming process of relying on random drops in combat.

Collect Robo discs:

  • If desired, you can participate in events or tasks to collect a sufficient number of Robot Discs to exchange for Rainbow Crystals.

Seal the deal:

  • Complete a deal with RoboMichio to get Rainbow Crystals at a more predictable and manageable rate than relying solely on random drops.

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Like a Dragon: Unlimited Wealth

“Yakuza: Infinite Fortune” is the ninth game in the series, created by Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio and published by Sega. Released on January 26, 2024, the game follows Ichiban Kasuga and Kazuma Kiryu as they venture to Hawaii to find Kasuga’s mother, while Kiryu battles cancer.

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The story unfolds through a combination of engaging storytelling and complex gameplay mechanics, earning it positive reviews from players and critics. The game manages to weave together the nostalgia of old fans by introducing familiar characters like Kiryu and fresh adventures in new locations, creating a captivating experience that resonates with audiences new and old.

Debuting to critical acclaim, Infinite Riches is another noteworthy chapter in the beloved Yakuza series, showcasing an immersive world and rich narrative that continues to captivate players.

“Yakuza: Infinite Fortune” gameplay

In Yakuza: Infinite Fortune, players will take charge of Kasuga Ichiban and Kiryu Kazuma, leading their team through various locations such as the Isesaki Ijincho district of Yokohama and the vibrant cityscape of Honolulu, Hawaii. Notably, the game reintroduces the iconic Kamurocho district from earlier games, interweaving familiarity with fresh exploration.

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The game uses a turn-based combat system, allowing characters to take on various “jobs” with unique abilities and styles, adding depth to strategic encounters. The core storyline of “Infinite Wealth” presents a large number of classic and new mini-games to cater to the different interests of players. From the beloved Karaoke to the strategic appeal of Mahjong, the game offers a range of activities.

New additions include the dynamic “Crazy Delivery,” the creature-collecting “Sujimon Battle,” and the fun “Miss Match,” a dating app designed for Haruhi’s romantic adventures. To further expand the gaming experience, players can participate in Kasuga Management Resort’s Happy Resort Dondoko Island and Kiryu’s Bucket List, where they can reunite with old friends and explore personal quests.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Fortune plot

Four years after the Tojo Kai and Omi Alliance disbanded, Kasuga Ichiban, known as the “Hero of Yokohama,” devoted himself to helping former yakuza members find honest work.

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However, fate takes a turn when a deceptive VTuber named Hisoka Tatara spreads false information about Haruhi, causing him and his friends (Yu Minami and Koichi Adachi) to be suddenly fired.

The three discover that the Seiryu clan is actively recruiting former yakuza members, and acting leader Masataka Ebina reveals a surprising fact: he’s running a legitimate business venture with them.

In pursuit of a personal matter, Kasuga embarks on a journey to Hawaii to find her mother, Akane, and forms an alliance with the legendary Kazuma Kiryu. Together they face challenges posed by various gangs and uncover a complex conspiracy involving Akane and a secret organization called Palekana.

As Kasuga and his party successfully rescued Akane, the conflict in Japan intensified. With the support of their allies, they uncover the truth behind a complex web of deception and thwart the dangerous plans orchestrated by the evil forces.

Kasuga and Kiryu’s journey ultimately becomes a beacon of hope for the future, as they unite against adversity to ensure justice is served and a brighter chapter unfolds following a gripping adventure.

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“Yakuza: Riches Are Infinite” trailer

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