The Finals 1.6.0 Update Patch Notes Bug and Fixes

Finals 1.6.0 update patch notes

Game balance adjustments

  • small tools

    • domed shield

    • disappearing bomb

      • Increased teammate invisibility interruption grace period from 0.65 seconds to 0.8 seconds (+)

      • Increased player stealth interruption grace period from 0 seconds to 0.35 seconds (+)

      • Increased teammate’s Vanishing Bomb invisibility duration from 5 seconds to 6 seconds (+)

    • zipline

  • map

    • las vegas

      • General

        • Add some covers to the sides of your kitchen cart to make it easier to use

        • Replaced the zipline between Eastwood and Decorah with a jumping pad

        • Move various covers to avoid gaps in the covers

        • Move various chairs to facilitate walking

        • Removed turret and tripwire map variants in Quick Cash, Bank, Tournament and Ranked Tournament modes while we fixed various bugs and re-evaluated the game design

      • Algonquin Casino

        • Removed some monitors in the casino to make it easier to see some doors

        • An extra door was added to make access easier

        • Updated some shelter spawn locations and added cover to some of them

      • eastwood casino

        • Updated exit points for various zip lines to allow easier access to rooftops

        • Added decals to some windows to make the glass more visible

        • Rearrange air conditioning units to create more cover on the roof

        • Adjusted the location of some withdrawal locations

      • Gramora Casino

        • Removed some chairs to make it easier to get in and out of the till

        • Some chairs and railings within the theater have been removed to facilitate access

        • Various other small fixes and balance adjustments

  • professional field

    • grille

    • Scouting senses

      • Added range limit for Recon Senses, set to 30m.Players outside this range will not be detected

      • Players detected by Recon Senses will now see the “Detected” warning text on their HUD

      • Developer Note: Scouting Sense is becoming more common in the meta than we expected, and may cause confusion for some new players.The reduced range and warning for detected players will bring the ability’s strength regeneration in line with other feats

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Content enhancements and software patches

  • cartoon

  • vocal

    • Updated player, teammate, and enemy footstep audio and mix

    • Fixed an issue where the rebirth sound effect might be cut off during rebirth

    • Updated many VO lines

    • Various VO bug fixes

  • Career Ranking

  • figure

  • controller

    • Added gyroscopic aiming option for PS5 DualSense and PS4 DualShock controllers

    • Fixed an issue where aim assist sensitivity reduction was almost never applied to targets within 20m of the player

    • Reduce input lag on PS5

  • expression

  • small tools

    • Defibrillator

    • Fixed various issues with placement distance on deployable gadgets

    • Fixed an issue where turret parts could collide with each other, causing strange behavior when placed on the barrel

  • game mode

    • General

      • Added “Stealing the Show” event mode

      • Added the ability for players to customize all weapons, gadgets, and specialized competitor gear in the tournament lobby at the start of every match in all game modes

    • Ranking match

      • Reduced the number of rounds required for ranked matches from 60 to 45 (-)

      • Developer Note: With the improvements we’ve made to fair play and banning, the barrier to entry into ranked tournaments doesn’t need to be as high.

    • separate bank

  • map

  • move

    • Fixed an issue where players could become trapped in an occupied space

    • Fixed an issue that would cause wall jumps to fail if the player pressed and held to jump too early in the vault sequence

    • Fixed an issue where players would cancel their slide if switching crouch triggers aiming down

  • Safety

  • set up

  • user interface

    • Added a career ranking screen so players can see the rewards they earn by earning a rank

    • Added new tournament overview screen for tournament mode

    • Added additional project tutorial videos for the following projects:

      • APS turret

      • gas grenade

      • glitch grenade

      • fault trap

      • gun

      • motion sensor

      • flame grenade

      • smoke bomb

      • sonar grenade

      • thermal vision

    • Added new event contracts to the contracts screen

    • Updated ranking icon size

    • Fixed packaging issues with contracts during end of round

    • Reduced the duration of the shelter target marker at the start of the turn

    • Various improvements have been made to contextual ping accuracy to make it more accurate

    • Various bug fixes for UI

  • Visual effects

    • Added new impact effect when friendly players shoot each other instead of coin effect as this could cause player confusion

    • Updated the collision of the coin death effect to reduce the number of coins that may fall through the floor

    • Various polish improvements to coin death effects

    • Optimize the delivery of gas canister explosion effects

  • arms

    • Increased the size of various grenade projectiles to make them easier to see in combat

    • Fixed an issue where some AoE damage could be incorrectly negated, resulting in no damage being dealt

    • Fixed a bug where melee weapons could be swung faster than intended

    • Fixed C4 and mines not being picked up when placed on an already picked up throwable object


The Finals is a free-to-play shooter where you view the game world from a first-person perspective, as if you were actually there. It is produced by Embark Studios, a division of Nexon. In the game, you join a team and play on different maps. One cool thing about these maps is that parts of them can be damaged or destroyed. The game expects players to use this feature cleverly to win. Therefore, you can use things from the game world to help your team win.

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You can participate in the finals for free. It’s a shooter where you see things from a first-person perspective, as if you were actually in the game. The game is produced by Embark Studios, which is part of a large company called Nexon.

As you play, you join teams and play on different maps. These maps are special because parts of them can be damaged or destroyed. This is an important part of the game’s strategy, as it encourages players to think smart and use the environment to help their team win.

Finals Overview


Step into the studio


Step into the studio


Unreal Engine 5


Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S


December 7, 2023


first person shooting


multiplayer game

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Finals gameplay

In The Finals, you’ll experience a virtual battle game similar to the TV show, with virtual crowds and hosts providing commentary inspired by movies like The Hunger Games and Gladiator (2000).

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The main mode, Cash, requires teams of three to complete tasks such as opening a vault and transporting its contents to a designated location, similar to a game of Capture the Flag. Accumulating in-game currency is accomplished by defeating opponents, completing missions, and performing well in battles.

Players choose a character classified as “Light,” “Medium,” or “Heavy,” each with different abilities and weapons. However, the game allows customization of weapons and equipment, thus promoting diverse gameplay strategies.

The game fosters creativity by offering dynamic elements such as destructible environments, changing weather and time conditions, and flexible team composition. Additionally, the arena features interactive elements such as throwable objects and resurrection mechanics, adding depth to the gaming experience.

final development

Stockholm-based Embark Studios makes its debut with its first games, The Finals and Arc Raiders. One developer noted that the game’s destructible environments revolutionized players’ thinking as they discovered creative ways to exploit this freedom, such as using rocket launchers to create openings instead of traditional doors. To ensure a smooth gaming experience, game servers manage the calculations of environmental destruction.

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The Finals was originally announced for PC in August 2022, and later expanded its coverage to include PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S versions. Before the official release, an internal test was conducted from March 7 to March 21, 2023, and then from June 14 to June 21. Subsequently, the public beta period will be from October 26 to November 5, open to all interested players.

The Grand Finale will debut on December 7, 2023 during The Game Awards 2023 event. However, server issues arose after launch, prompting the developers to temporarily restrict player access to the game.

Finals trailer

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